Retractable Insulin Syringes

Features & Benefits

Same Injection Technique

  • No change in injection technique required for manual retractable syringe.

Safety First

  • After use, the locking device manually captures the needle within the barrel once injection complete

No Reuse by Design

  • The needle cannot be re-used once the needle is contained within the barrel.

Locking Confrmation

  • The user can feel when the locking system mechanism is activated.

Breakable Plunger

  • Once the needle has been used the device plunger can be broken away to prevent further use.


  • Compatible with standard Luer-Lock hub. No special needle required for 3-20mL.

Highest Standards

  • Meets International Standards for Medical Devices. No Leakage. Low Dead Space.

NIOSH approved

  • Meets the NIOSH Recommendation for needle-stick safety devices.

Standard Luer-Lock hub

No special needle required for 3 – 20Ml Safe-T-Point syringes

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