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Safe-T-Point™ Manual Retractable U100 Insulin Syringe

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Droplet Pen Needles

Simple to use

  • Simple as walking. Just change Droplet® pen needles after each injection.
  • Easy adjustable and universal. You can keep your preferred pen injector. Droplet® pen needles fit all major brands.
  • Easy to learn for everyone and every age. Just twist, inject and dispose.

Soft & Gentle

  • Special needle lubrication makes insulin injection smooth like a plume.
  • Needle penetration into your skin is soft and gentle.

Smart Technology

  • Fast and accurate insulin delivery to meet your treatment requirements.
  • Smart thread design to prevent insulin leaking.
  • Wide range of pen needle sizes to meet your individual expectations.

Droplet Pen Needles (Australia Only) - Now available on the NDSS.

The Safe-T-Clip™ needle is also supplied with a syringe option with safety needle mounted or bi-packed.

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