About Métier Medical Limited

Our Mission

To create a global safety initiative providing healthcare with safe solutions at an affordable cost through local distribution.

Company Profile

Métier Medical Limited is an Australian company with its headquarters based in Queensland, Australia and subsidiary operations in the USA and Europe as well as Métier Trading Co. Ltd. in China.

The Company’s subsidiary operations allow Métier Medical to effectively service the Americas from its US subsidiary (Medical Safety Innovations LLC), Europe and the UK from its subsidiary in Germany (Métier Medical Europe ug) and China (Métier Trading Co. Ltd.).

Supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable Management base, the Company has a solid focus to provide simple, cost effective safety engineered medical devices to meet the growing demands of healthcare systems worldwide.

As the engineered safety device market continues to evolve and expand, Métier Medical is well positioned to participate in this growth with quality products priced to allow for market penetration. Even in difficult times, Government healthcare systems are finally realising the true financial and human cost of needlestick injury.

To uphold it’s vision for a safer future, Métier Medical maintains a strategy of continued product improvement and development to address the shifting needs in healthcare and an increasing transition to safety engineered injection devices.

Working closely with healthcare professionals and organisations provides us the vital feedback and knowledge, essential to the evaluation, implementation and launch of new technologies.

The Company’s key brands are the Métier Medical Safe-T-Clip™ safety needle with Secure-Lok® locking system and the Métier Medical Safe-T-Point™ manual retractable syringes.

Upcoming Events

Métier Medical Limited and Medical Safety Innovations LLC will be participating at future international trade exhibitions. Please check back to see any new events listed here.

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Product Highlight

Safety Hypodermic Needle using Clip technology. Provides a cost effective safety syringe option. Available as Safe-T-Clip™ syringe or Safe-T-Clip™ needle. For use with any standard Luer Lock or Luer Slip Syringe.

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