Grant Howells


Commencing an economics degree after arriving back in Australia from a scholarship to Lancing College in England, he soon discovered his passion for marketing.

He was fortunate to acquire a position in a global organisation as a marketing representative.

From this experience he was able to develop effective communication skills with extensive product knowledge to identify opportunities and deliver a satisfactory outcome for both customer and company.

Grant has managed simultaneous projects aimed at increasing engagement, raising brand awareness, expanding market penetration and driving sales.

Grant soon wanted to venture out on his own as he was motivated, resourceful, proactive and results-driven. He started his own business that continued successfully for 8 years in the building industry. After his company was purchased by a large organization, Grant was employed as the purchasing officer for a period of 3 years at which time he started a new company. He became adept at analysing distribution procedures and systems and using best practice to implement more efficient processes and reduce working capital costs.

GRANT HOWELLS: Director Métier Medical Limited | Director Métier Holdings Pty Limited | Director Medical Safety Innovations USA | Director Métier Medical Europe

An accomplished business manager with a strong work ethic and extensive experience in strategic planning, Grant formed Metal Mates Pty Limited in 1997, holding the position of Managing Director. The company is now a multimillion dollar entity.

Grant has used his highly developed communication skills to ensure client projects are delivered on time and within budget. His analytical skills, along with strong people management skills, have a successful track record of developing best practices to implement more efficient processes as well as create strong cohesive teams capable of independently achieving operational directives and targets.

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